At DS Wollenberg are things never moving slow. We are always trying to optimize and develop on our current products and services. However, our inventing minds, technical skills, and constant motivation to create fresh products and try new things are playing a bigger and bigger role here at DS Wollenberg.

Therefore, we are been really excited to share this news with you. A new product has found its way to DS Wollenberg’s workshop and facilities!

Lately, we have been working on a brand new and highly ambitious product, which from now on will be a permanent component in our assortment. Here in our workshop, we have developed a specific washing machine, which can be used to degrease different metal elements and grinding tools from oil and oil like materials. We know that this is a product, which many people will benefit from. It can be used to handle one of the toughest challenges that exists in many different industries.

Compared to most of the already existing washing machines on the market, our washing machine differentiates by being more price friendly. This means that anyone can take part in our newest development – both smaller and bigger companies. It is also based on a newly developed principle with full steam, which also differentiates from other similar machines. Furthermore, the machine will give massive time savings quickly worth every penny spent.

Oil is a very difficult material when it comes to cleaning. Due to its greasy consistency and color it almost glues to most surfaces. At DS Wollenberg we have experienced this challenge often and therefore, we put to our minds to solve this challenge and find the perfect solution. Now we have found and created that solution. And we now are ready to launch our newest family member – and we hope that you will welcome it with open arms!

At DS Wollenberg we have developed, designed, and manufactured the innovative washing machine ourselves. And we know it will make working with oil much easier for a lot a companies and industries.

Our new and ambitious washing machine to degreasing of oil from metal elements and grinding tools are already ready for mass production. We want it to reach our costumers and consumers as quickly as possible. The work with the new machine has been going on for a while and therefore, we are now more than ready for it to go into production and thereafter shipped to our costumers in the European industry.

We are incredibly proud of our latest product, which has required many hours of development and design. It is created with help from our remarkable and awesome team in Denmark and Vietnam. Our many years of experience has been a big player in creating this washing machine, so we could make and produce the best possible product for our customers.

Within our field the demands are high and so are the ambitions when it comes to new machines with unique and specific qualities. Therefore, we have not compromised on a single thing during the process of making the new washing machine. The Machine and its materials are highest possible quality, and the design matches the industry, its needs, and its users. At DS Wollenberg we are specialists when it comes to making creative construction and manufacturing solutions. And this washing machine is no exception.