Deep drawing and punching

Deep drawing and punching

Backed by years of technical experience, Wollenberg manufactures creative tool solutions in the field of hydraulic deep drawing and punching, and can even handle highly complex “burr free” component designs. Wollenberg operates hydraulic deep drawing presses that feature pressure capacities of up to 250 tonnes and are fitted with counter holder and triple functions.

Using this advanced functionality allows a significant reduction in the post-treatment of the components produced. The deep drawing process produces substantially stronger components with a more homogeneous finish than is possible for corresponding solutions made using other procedures.

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Production photos

Wollenberg is an experienced and reliable operator, committed to leaving customers fully satisfied with the end product and the associated delivery. Here are some photos from our production department, as well as a number of components made by Wollenberg.

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Outsourcing to Vietnam

Vietnam has outstripped Chinese growth, thus becoming the most popular outsourcing nation in the world.

The people of Vietnam are renowned for their industriousness and for the precision they bring to their work. They have learned a great deal about the quality demanded by customers from the Western World. Wollenberg’s workforce is therefore fully familiar with the requirements Europeans make on quality and the capacity to meet deadlines.

“We can therefore state with confidence that we never compromise on quality.”

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