Wollenbergs personale
New strategy for Wollenberg

Wollenberg has long wished to reinforce its digital presence, but has not had the time or surplus energy to publish in the desired setting.

In recent months, however, the company has completed an exciting phase of development as a part of a new strategy.

Tool department, CNC
Everyday aims

Wollenberg is working concertedly to contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Vietnam is a huge growth country and the opportunities there are already immense, especially given that Western companies located in Vietnam possess knowledge that the locals do not have. Wollenberg has therefore been working hard in recent years to improve local infrastructure and expand HR opportunities so as to raise the general level of education.

Wollenberg wishes all our partners a Happy New Year

February 6th marks the start of the Chinese New Year At the factories in Vietnam, the turning of the year is duly celebrated with gifts to the employees, visits from Buddhist priests and energetic bouts of karaoke. Most industrial facilities in Vietnam are therefore closed for a period of 10–14 days. The majority of people also return to their home regions to celebrate what is known locally as the Tet Holiday.

pumpestation med håndhjul
Wollenberg enters the pump and valve industry

Wollenberg has invested in tools and machinery for a new project for the pump and valve industry. DS-Wollenberg supplies handwheels at extremely competitive prices, and this has led to a sharp rise in demand for these products. Nicolai puts it as follows: “Right now, we have opened the door to the UK market, but we are looking to provide service throughout Europe – and ideally to the American market as well.” The handwheels are made entirely on the basis of the customer’s specific wishes and requirements, and in all kinds of metals.

Arvid Rekler
Wollenberg appoints project manager

Wollenberg is looking forward to increasing its project management capacity, with Arvid Rekler joining the company as acting Project Manager. “We’re delighted to have brought Arvid on board. We expect great things of him, as he brings a wealth of project management experience to the table,” says Nicolai Wollenberg, CEO. Arvid will be starting at the company on 1 October 2020, where he will be working closely with Nicolai.