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Who is Wollenberg?

Wollenberg is a specialist in handling bespoke assignments involving stainless steel iron and aluminium for the industrial sector in Europe. Our customer base consists of companies operating a variety of fields, including design, HVAC wholesaling and the food, pump and valve industry. Wollenberg takes pride in providing a wholly discreet service, backed by documentation of materials in the form of recognised certificates. Wollenberg works with batches of all sizes. We currently employ 33 highly qualified people who operate the advanced production set-up at our 2,000 m2 facility in Vietnam. We also have a development department with a hi-tech machine fleet and 350 m2 of warehouse capacity in Denmark. The Danish operation has a staff of five.

Wollenberg is a specialist in developing creative design and manufacturing solutions.
Jimmy og Nicolai Wollenberg

Years experience

Business concept

Wollenberg’s business concept is to satisfy customer wishes and requirements with solutions of the right quality, delivered on time – and at competitive prices.

For many years, Wollenberg has worked closely with local technical colleges to train highly skilled production staff.

Vietnam has already outstripped Chinese growth, thus becoming the most popular outsourcing nation in the world, and in 2019, the country entered into a trade agreement with the EU whereby customs duties were waived.

The people of Vietnam are renowned for their industriousness and for the precision they bring to their work. They have learned a great deal about the quality demanded by customers from the Western World. Wollenberg’s workforce is therefore fully familiar with the requirements Europeans make on quality and the capacity to meet deadlines.

Industri håndhjul malet
Where and what don’t we know yet?

Development department in Veflinge, Denmark

This success is based to a large extent on 40 years of experience as a supplier to the iron and metal industry. Wollenberg has delivered sheet metal components to customers all over the world.

More than 40 years of experience

This success is based to a large extent on 40 years of experience as a supplier to the iron and metal industry. Wollenberg has delivered sheet metal components to customers all over the world.

Inventor and entrepreneur

⁃ Design for manufacturing ⁃ Product and design development ⁃ Material selection on the basis of requirements specification ⁃ Component design ⁃ Fast production of prototypes ⁃ Selection process for subcontractors ⁃ Initiation of zero batch production ⁃ Product approval ⁃ Mass production”

Wollenberg’s fundamental values

Our fundamental values are reflected in our flexible approach. We consider all customers to be serious operators and strive to be the perfect supplier for the entire process or selected parts of it. Our aim is for Wollenberg to be viewed as an attractive option for labour-intensive process in Western countries. We are an innovative operator, providing a quality-assured process from the initial idea phase, through production to delivery. We invest in both employees and the workplace setting so as to ensure we run a fully competent and contemporary company. The value Wollenberg generates stems just as much from the individual employee as it does from the management team. Our commitment to our current and future skills base is to ensure continuous development and to make Wollenberg an attractive workplace and partner. We strive to establish an environment distinguished by innovative solutions, responsibility and quality – on time, every time.

A complete range of cut, punched and bent components, as well as deep drawing and punching tasks.

Wollenberg is a specialist in the production of handwheels in the size range of Ø150 to Ø1200 mm.

Wollenberg can handle labour-intensive cutting, punching, bending, riveting, stamping and assembling tasks.

Wollenberg has solid experience in deep drawing and punching assignments.

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Vision and mission
Wollenberg’s vision and mission

Our goal is satisfied customers. Simple as that.

In order to reach this goal, top-notch service and quality are our guiding lights. Our customers’ projects are our obligation!


Wollenberg is to be the preferred partner in assignments involving complex metal components and systems, through innovative value generation.


Wollenberg is an extremely creative enterprise with its finger on the pulse. In practice, this means that Wollenberg goes the extra mile to optimise and rationalise production using its own tool manufacture and machine fleet. Our operation is distinguished by our continuous improvement of both the performance and profitability of our processes.

From global goals to everyday aims

Reinforce sustainable infrastructure in developing countries

“Wollenberg is working to help reinforce infrastructure in our surrounding area. In practice, this takes the form of enhanced financial, technological and technical support for improving the electricity grid and road network, for example, so that it is easier for goods vehicles and other freight carriers to reach their destination.

It also encompasses a telephone system whereby employees can make video calls to their loved ones, given that employees’ families often live a long way away.”

Subsidiary goals 8.5 and 8.6

The rule at Wollenberg is that pay is determined by the assignment in question, and not defined by gender. This means that the workers in our production department are all paid the same, and that our administrative staff and specialists receive the same salary, irrespective of whether they are men or women.

Wollenberg helps employees whose children wish to take an education outside Vietnam. To date, Wollenberg has provided financing to allow employees’ children to study in countries including Australia, Japan and the United States.

Who are we?
Jimmy Wollenberg

Jimmy Wollenberg

Nicolai Wollenberg, profile picture

Nicolai Wollenberg

Arvid Rekler

Arvid Rekler

Tina Wollenberg

Tina Legarth

Lone K. Nielsen

Lone K. Nielsen


Why choose Wollenberg?

Production in Vietnam

For the past 15 years, Jimmy has lived and worked in Vietnam, making his home in Ho Chi Minh City. He has previously been involved in launching production operations in other countries including Zimbabwe, subsequently working on establishing several other production set-ups in Vietnam. Eleven years ago, Jimmy chose to start his own production operation and relocated the business to the southern side of Ho Chi Minh City.

Nicolai, our CEO, has likewise lived in Vietnam, where he participated actively in launching a number of projects that have since developed into fixed production installations. Interest in Vietnam proved the defining factor in Wollenberg’s decision to establish operations in the country. Vietnam is a naturally beautiful country, and the Vietnamese people are rightly known for their authentic friendliness, and for being extremely hard-working and creative.

Svejsning af clamps
What do customers say about Wollenberg?
Seneste nyt
Innovative and ambitious machine ready for mass production

At DS Wollenberg are things never moving slow. We are always trying to optimize and develop on our current products and services. However, our inventing minds, technical skills, and constant motivation to create fresh products and try new things are playing a bigger and bigger role here at DS Wollenberg. Therefore, we are been really […]

Jimmy og Nicolai Wollenberg
Wollenberg remains analogue

As many of you already know, we have recently set out on a digital journey that has only just begun. We have now locked in the digital part of our strategy, so the time has come to look at the hard copy aspect.

Wollenbergs personale
New strategy for Wollenberg

Wollenberg has long wished to reinforce its digital presence, but has not had the time or surplus energy to publish in the desired setting.

In recent months, however, the company has completed an exciting phase of development as a part of a new strategy.

Tool department, CNC
Everyday aims

Wollenberg is working concertedly to contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Vietnam is a huge growth country and the opportunities there are already immense, especially given that Western companies located in Vietnam possess knowledge that the locals do not have. Wollenberg has therefore been working hard in recent years to improve local infrastructure and expand HR opportunities so as to raise the general level of education.

Wollenberg wishes all our partners a Happy New Year

February 6th marks the start of the Chinese New Year At the factories in Vietnam, the turning of the year is duly celebrated with gifts to the employees, visits from Buddhist priests and energetic bouts of karaoke. Most industrial facilities in Vietnam are therefore closed for a period of 10–14 days. The majority of people also return to their home regions to celebrate what is known locally as the Tet Holiday.

pumpestation med håndhjul
Wollenberg enters the pump and valve industry

Wollenberg has invested in tools and machinery for a new project for the pump and valve industry. DS-Wollenberg supplies handwheels at extremely competitive prices, and this has led to a sharp rise in demand for these products. Nicolai puts it as follows: “Right now, we have opened the door to the UK market, but we are looking to provide service throughout Europe – and ideally to the American market as well.” The handwheels are made entirely on the basis of the customer’s specific wishes and requirements, and in all kinds of metals.

Arvid Rekler
Wollenberg appoints project manager

Wollenberg is looking forward to increasing its project management capacity, with Arvid Rekler joining the company as acting Project Manager. “We’re delighted to have brought Arvid on board. We expect great things of him, as he brings a wealth of project management experience to the table,” says Nicolai Wollenberg, CEO. Arvid will be starting at the company on 1 October 2020, where he will be working closely with Nicolai.